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Galmpton Floral Days

-Celebrate The Skill and Creativity of Galmpton Residents-

Galmpton Floral Days are an annual celebration of Galmpton’s abundance of practical talent. They consist of an Open Gardens Day in the early summer, and an Autumn Festival. The later includes competitive shows devoted to Flowers, Fruit and Vegetables, Cooking and Arts and Crafts.

As well as being an opportunity to enjoy some very skilled work by local residents, the Galmpton Floral Days have also raises significant sums for local charities. The 2015 Floral Days surplus of £1200 was donated to some very worthy local good causes.

Open Gardens Day

Sunday 5th June 2016

The glory of Galmpton’s gardens may be seen by all, on one very special day each year. In recent years, the open gardens have ranged from perfect country cottage gardens to open parklands, and from intricate, multi-faceted spaces to sun-bathed Mediterranean style courtyards. Admission is by “Passports”, on sale before the day at the Manor Inn, Galleon Stores and Eric Lloyd + co

Galmpton Autumn Festival

Sunday 4th September

  • Flower Show
  • Fruit & Veg Show
  • Cooks' Show
  • Art Show
  • Craft Show

A chance for local residents to show their skills in a range of events.

Leaflets of schedules available at the Manor Inn Galmpton, Galleon Stores and Eric Lloyd & Co. A full booklet with entry forms is published in the summer.

Entry open to all who live or work in Galmpton, Churston, Broadsands and adjacent areas.

New in 2016 - CRAFT SHOW - details to follow

Fruit & Veg Show

Class 1 - Potatoes White 1 Dish of 3

Class 2 - Potatoes Coloured 1 Dish of 3

Class 3 - Collection of Vegetable 5 different varieties

Class 4 - Cauliflower 1 Head

Class 5 - Cabbage 1 Head

Class 6 - Carrots Long Pointed 3 in number

Class 7 - Carrots other than long pointed 3 in number

Class 8 - Beetroot 3 in number

Class 9 - Parsnips 3 in number

Class 10 - Runner Beans 6 in number

Class 11 - Tomatoes Cherry 1 Dish of 4

Class 12 - Tomatoes Standard 1 Dish of 4

Class 13 - Tomatoes Plum 1 Dish of 4

Class 14 - Tomatoes Large or Beefsteak 1 Dish of 3

Class 15 - Tastiest tomato, 2 in number one to be eaten by the Judge

Class 16 - Onions Giant from Seed 3 in number

Class 17 - Onions from Set 3 in number

Class 18 - Shallots round 4 in number

Class 19 - Shallots oval 4 in number

Class 20 - Cucumber 1 in number

Class 21 - Courgette 3 in number

Class 22 - Five Herbs in Water, Named

Class 23 - Desert Apples of Named Variety stems attached 3 in number

Class 24 - Cooking Apples of Named Variety stems attached 3 in number

Class 25 - Pears of a Named Variety stems attached 3 in number

Class 26 - Plums of a Named Variety stems attached 6 in number

Class 27 - Rhubarb trimmed 3 sticks

Class 28 - Raspberries Dish of 8

Class 29 - Longest Stick of Rhubarb

Class 30 - Longest Parsnip

Class 31 - Longest Runner Bean

Class 32 - Heaviest Marrow

Class 33 - Heaviest Onion

Class 34 - Heaviest Tomato

Flower Show

Section 1- Flower and Foliage Arrangement

Class 1 - “Goodbye Summer” A fresh flower arrangement not to exceed 2ft by 2ft (height unlimited)

Class 2 - “Autumn Harvest” A fresh and / or dried arrangement in a basked which can include fruit and vegetables – not to exceed 2ft by 2ft (height unlimited)

Class 3 - “Small and Pretty” A small arrangement to be viewed from any angle, not to exceed 9 inched cubed

Class 4 - “Olympic Ring” A ring of flowers in three Olympic colours (red, blue, green, gold and black) – not to excewed 2ft by 2ft (height unlimited)

Section 2 – Containers (Must be product of exhibitor’s house or garden)

Class 5 - Succulents / cacti in a pot. Must have been in your possession for at least a year Exhibition space not to exceed 18ins by 18ins (height unlimited)

Class 6 - An indoor foliage plant. Must have been in your possession for at least a year Exhibition space not to exceed 18ins by 18ins (height unlimited)

Class 7 - An indoor flowering pot plant in flower. Must have been in your possession for at least a year Exhibition space not to exceed 18ins by 18ins (height unlimited)

Class 8 - An outdoor garden container with one or more plants. Not to have been kept in a conservatory Container not to exceed 2ft by 2ft (height unlimited)

Section 3 – Roses (Must be product of exhibitor’s garden)

Class 9 - One specimen cut rose in a vase or container

Class 10 - A vase containing 4 stems of roses of different species

Section 4 – Flowers

Class 11 - A vase containing 3 cut stems of hydrangeas

Class 12 - A vase containing 3 cut stems of dahlias

Class 13 - A vase containing 6 stems of different garden and / or wild grasses, bulrushes and reeds

Class 14 - A vase containing 6 stems of different cut flowers

Cooks' Show

Class 1 - Fruit Salad. Make a fresh fruit salad for 3, to include a named accompanying biscuit

Class 2 - Potatoes. Show the versatility of potatoes in three separate dishes

Class 3 - Coleslaw. Make a dressed coleslaw salad to include white or red cabbage

Class 4 - Pastry. Make a savoury plait using 250 grams bought puff pastry, filling of your choice. Please identify the filling

Class 5 - Brownies. Five chocolate brownies

Class 6 - Set recipe – lemon drizzle cake. Recipe to be published in the Autumn Festival booklet

Class 7 - 1 lb jar plum jam

Class 8 - 1 lb jar lemon curd

Class 9 - 1 lb jar tomato chutney

Craft Show

Section 1 – Handicraft

Class 1 - Woodcraft

Class 1A - A turned exhibit

Class 1B - A carved exhibit

Class 1C - A constructed exhibit

Class 2 - Needlecraft

Class 2A - An embroidery or tapestry

Class 2B - A patchwork or quilted item

Class 2C - A sewn garment or accessory

Class 2D - A knitted or crocheted item

Class 3 - Paper Craft

Class 3A - A greetings card

Class 3B - A Paper model eg mobile

Section 2 – Photography

Class 4 - 3 or more prints illustrating a poem or verse. Include script. A3 size

Class 5 - A single print suitable for a postcard entitled 'The River Dart' A4 size

Class 6 - A single print with flower or flowers together with insect pollinator(s) A4 size

Class 7 - A single 'Fun' print with caption

Class 8 - A collage of prints either freehand or computer generated entitled 'Nature'. A3 size

Class 9 - A photobook ( not album) entitled 'A Garden' Not larger than 15cm x 20 cm

Section 3 – Writing

Class 10 - Limerick entitled The Landlord

Class 11 - Epitaph entitled The Rogue

Class 12 - Poem entitled Galmpton

Class 13 - Prose entitled The Village Hall (Max 300 words)

Section 3 – Art

Class 14 - A Portrait

Class 15 - A Picture/Study of Flowers

Class 16 - Vegetables ( own interpretation )

Class 17 - A Local scene

Class 18 - Holiday on a postcard ( unframed) up to 10x13 cm or 6x4in. On reverse – artist's name and medium used

Additional notes for Art :- All classes in any medium. Classes 14-17 to be framed or on a canvas with sides painted and ready for hanging with side hooks and cords ( cords not too tight please) The max frame size 18x24in Exceptions can be made with advance approval ( Contact Sue Miller 844665)

Entry forms to be in by Thursday September 1st

Exhibits to be brought on Saturday, September 3rd Craft other than Art to the Village Institute from 4-6pm Art to The Barn Hall from 5-6pm